Perryman Financial Advisory, Inc.

is a Dallas-based financial planning and investment firm serving the needs of affluent individuals, their families, and their businesses. Our mission is to serve as a trusted advisor for our clients as they accumulate, preserve, and transfer their wealth.

Who We Are

It’s effortless for a company to make claims about the level of service they provide their clients. It is much more difficult to provide the level of service that clients tell others about. That’s how we have built Perryman Financial Advisory since 1983; almost exclusively through satisfied referrals. Our clients’ satisfaction is our measure for success. It’s also the only way we get new business.

CFP Difference

Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone you trusted to take care of your finances for you? You’d certainly have one less thing to worry about. You’d have time to enjoy the more important aspects of your life – time to play with your kids, travel, and do the things you just plain enjoy – golf, gardening, you name it. You’d be secure knowing that someone with your best interests at heart is watching over this crucial area of your life.


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